Grit Games understands your company’s initiatives and ideals and puts them at the forefront of everything we do. We seek to pinpoint your strengths and proficiencies as well as examine studio goals in an effort to drive business in line with your team’s mission. We pride ourselves on our all-encompassing approach to fostering your studio’s vision.


Negotiation, communication, and exposure — We help developers leap the many hurdles involved in bringing a title to market. We will utilize our wealth of experience navigating the complicated world of development agreements to seek out ideal publishers and vendors for your game. Grit will take the lead on crafting a pitch, spreading the word, and delivering your title into the hands of the consumer.


We strive to provide assistance throughout every step of the process, and we are dedicated to getting the public on board early. As such, Grit Games will help lay the groundwork for a successful crowd funding campaign and deliver support as we progress toward the launch date of your project. This includes sourcing partners for porting and distribution.


Grit’s familiarity with the industry plays a vital role in finding the best-suited publishers and developers for your IP. We work in conjunction with your existing brands to explore exciting opportunities and expand reach and revenue.


Grit constantly has its finger on the pulse of cutting edge developers and designers. We are a prime resource for talent scouting, focus group testing, and licensor introductions.

VR Development

Grit recognizes the amazing potential of VR—from games to prototyping to simulation/immersion —and we seek to be ahead of the curve in harnessing this technology. Combining our experience with the latest VR devices like the Oculus Rift or the HTC VIVE along with the latest game development engines such as UE4 and Unity we will design and build an incredible virtual experience to match your vision.